At Foursquare Connection 2014 business reports were presented, and important items of business were voted on. Here you can review full reports and learn what bylaws were passed.


Read the full press release about Glenn Burris Jr.’s ratification.

Presidential Report

Download Report (PDF)

National Church Office Report

Download Report (PDF)

Foursquare Missions International Report

Foursquare Financial Report

Foursquare Foundation Report

Download Report (PDF)

Board of Director Members

During the 2014 convention in Dallas, two new members of the board of directors were announced. Two other board members completed their terms of service; they were publicly thanked during the business sessions for their faithful service throughout their respective terms.

Incoming Board Members

  • Rebecca Best
  • James Ranger III

Outgoing Board Members

  • Bruce Dow
  • John Long


During the convention in Dallas, two significant prophetic words were given to The Foursquare Church.