At Foursquare Connection 2018 business reports were presented, and important items of business were voted on. Here you can review full reports and learn what bylaws were passed.

Presidential Report

Glenn Burris Jr. offers a summary of the president’s report, giving updates on all five Reimagine Foursquare Stakes. Glenn concludes with Stake 4, explaining significant changes to align the mission of the Foursquare Foundation with The Foursquare Church.

National Church Office Report

General Supervisor Tammy Dunahoo gives an overview of the 2017 U.S. statistics, highlighting growth in various areas. You will hear exciting stories of how churches are investing their missional funding to advance the gospel in their communities.

Foursquare Missions International Report

FMI Director Ted Vail shares highlights of Foursquare’s effectiveness around the world, including more than 2 million salvations in 2017. You will also see the reports of how Foursquare Missions Press and Foursquare Disaster Relief are helping advance Foursquare’s global mission.

Foursquare Financial Report

View highlights of what CFO Ron Thigpenn describes as the best report he has given in nine years. Loan delinquencies are decreasing, corporate reserves are being strengthened, and churches are giving faithfully to facilitate Foursquare’s mission.

Administrative Operations Report

COO Adam Davidson explains Foursquare’s goal of having operations support Foursquare’s mission both nationally and globally. You can review the three-year strategic plan that is being implemented to increase the effectiveness of services to local Foursquare churches.

Foursquare Foundation Report

Interim CEO Joe Wainer states that the Foundation continues to align to Foursquare mission. See how 2017 funds were allocated, and find out about a new program that is helping churches save money.

Bylaw Report

Bylaw Committee Chair El Clark and Corporate Counsel Josh Best explain how Foursquare’s bylaws are evolving to allow us to function in the digital age. Additionally, they clarify the presidential selection process and various other aspects of the bylaws in regard to accommodating necessary changes. Review the summary of proposed bylaw amendments that was made available in advance of cabinet, or download the full proposed bylaw amendments.